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RL207HR-GX160 Caltrimmer Reel Mower

RL207HR-GX160 Caltrimmer Reel Mower

20” Classic Reel Mower


7 Blade / Honda GX-160 / Smoothed Front Roller


All machines come with a catch pan and a 2 year warranty.


The RL20 Reel Mower from Shields Reels exemplifies commercial-grade performance with its robust 20-inch cutting reel. This mower is built with meticulous attention to detail and superior craftsmanship that Shields Reels is known for, ensuring unmatched mowing results. Tailor your cutting experience with the option of a 7-blade reel configuration, designed to cater to various grass types and personal mowing preferences.

The RL20, also referred to as the 207HR model, transforms your lawn into a pristine, golf course-like finish. Its reel mowing system operates by snipping the grass cleanly—much like scissors—providing a sharp contrast to the tearing action of rotary mowers. This precise cutting technique helps preserve the grass's natural nutrients and moisture, promoting a lush, healthy lawn with minimal upkeep.

Powered by Honda: The Heart of Efficiency

Shields Reels' RL20 is energized by a Honda engine, renowned for its quiet operation, impressive power, and lightweight design. These engines are a paragon of efficiency, offering optimal fuel economy with significantly reduced noise and vibration levels. The advanced engine features include a meticulously engineered camshaft and a high compression ratio, enhancing overall fuel efficiency. Recent enhancements in the muffler, breather valve, and case cover have substantially lowered noise emissions, making the Honda engine an ideal match for our high-quality mowers.

Designed for Performance and Convenience

Our RL20 Reel Mower is engineered not just for performance but also for ease of use:

  • An innovative forward-throw mechanism channels clippings into the included large HDPE grass catcher, minimizing interruptions for emptying.
  • The high-speed reel ensures a smooth, carpet-like lawn surface, free from mower marks.
  • Intuitive fingertip controls enhance both safety and operational comfort.
  • The mower's design balances weight perfectly, which, combined with the heavy-duty roller drive, improves maneuverability and control.
  • Additional features include protective chain and belt guards, further ensuring a safe mowing experience.
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    We do not ship from our website. My business is to small right now. I am pick up or local delivery only (Charlotte, NC). 

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