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Caltrimmer Catalyst Verticutter Attachment

Catalyst Verticutter

The new Caltrimmer Catalyst, a Multi-Purpose Mower is coming soon. Prices and availability should be released near the first of 2024!


Specialty attachment: Verticutter


Introducing the Catalyst Verticutter, the ultimate tool for breaking up thatch and achieving a healthier lawn. This innovative accessory attaches to your reel mower and effectively cuts through the thatch layer, bringing it to the surface where it can be easily collected and removed. When used in combination with other techniques such as aerating and dethatching, the Verticutter delivers an even better final product. Say goodbye to a thick layer of thatch suffocating your lawn and hello to a lush, thriving green space with the Catalyst Verticutter. Upgrade your reel mower with this game-changing accessory and elevate your lawn care routine to the next level.

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