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Caltrimmer Catalyst Dethatcher Attachment

Catalyst Dethatcher

The new Caltrimmer Catalyst, a Multi-Purpose Mower is coming soon. Prices and availability should be released near the first of 2024!


Specialty attachment: Dethatcher 


Introducing the Catalyst Dethatcher, the must-have accessory for maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn. This powerful tool is designed to efficiently remove thatch, a layer of dead and living grass, leaves, and roots that exists between the grass and soil. With its durable construction and easy-to-use design, the Catalyst Dethatcher quickly and effectively revitalizes your lawn, improving air and water circulation and promoting healthy grass growth. Say goodbye to the build-up of thatch and hello to a lush and thriving lawn with the Catalyst Dethatcher. Step up your lawn care game and make the Catalyst Dethatcher a staple in your collection of reel mower accessories.


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