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A Comparison between Reel Mowers and Rotary Mowers

 The benefits of using a reel mower are numerous. Not only do they create and maintain a stunning lawn, but they also save time and energy. With a reel mower, you can achieve a healthy lawn that resembles a professionally manicured golf green. To better understand the advantages of a reel mower over a rotary mower, let's take a look at a direct comparison.


A Neat Trim


Reel mowers are beneficial for maintaining a lush lawn as they trim the grass with a precise, scissor-like cut instead of ripping off the tips of the blades like a traditional rotary mower. This gentle and clean cutting method preserves essential nutrients in the grass, promoting strong growth and preventing diseases. As a result, less effort is required for upkeep. A well-manicured lawn, achieved by using a reel mower, appears vibrant and verdant instead of yellowed from the damaged leaf edges caused by the ineffective cutting technique of a rotary mower.


An Exact Incision


Each California Trimmer mower is equipped with dual height adjustment capabilities, enabling you to accurately set your preferred cutting height. The height adjuster, situated at the bottom of the mower, offers a selection of eight positions, providing a cutting range of 3/16″ to 1-1/2." Additionally, the caster bar bracket located at the front of the mower can be easily adjusted to achieve the desired cutting height, whether it be the lowest or highest position. This level of cutting precision is not easily attainable with most rotary mowers.


The Lawn Beautifier: How the Drive Roller Makes Mowing Easier


The California Trimmer's 9" drive roller is specifically designed to ensure a smooth and effortless operation. With its deep-tread and non-slip covering, the drive roller provides excellent traction and protects the grass from damage. Unlike rotary mowers, the drive roller is in direct contact with the lawn, preventing the turf from being torn and avoiding the dispersal of dust and debris. If you need to use the cutting reel without moving forward, simply lift the roller and utilize the mower's special "freewheeling" feature, making it ideal for trimming under shrubs and in narrow areas.


Unparalleled Skill and Dedication


The rugged units of today still incorporate the same materials and design that were initially introduced in 1935. Each California Trimmer mower is made with a sturdy welded steel frame, ensuring exceptional strength. The reel and cutter bar are both handcrafted using heat-treated high carbon steel, resulting in sharper blades and a longer-lasting cut. The reels from California Trimmer are carefully ground at the factory and are available in 5, 7, or 10 blade configurations, giving you the option to select the most suitable combination for your grass type. This exceptional level of craftsmanship guarantees that your California Trimmer will continue to maintain beautiful lawns long after your old rotary mower has been replaced.


The Distinction of 'Reel'


When using reel mowers, they adhere to the natural contours of the lawn, avoiding the harsh scalping of a rotary blade. Additionally, the cutting speed of the reel mower is slower, making it a safer option. The precision of the reel mower's blade results in only a small portion of the leaf area being cut, leading to a healthier and lusher lawn. In contrast, a rotary mower cuts off more of the grass blade, leaving it yellow and potentially smothered by excess clippings.


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